Some things happened.

Since I last blogged, many things have happened:

My band finished its album, got the artwork from a pro, and are awaiting the final master now. I changed jobs. I reacquainted myself with a few old friends. I figured out what I really want in life (maybe). Donald Trump pretty much won the GOP primary. I stole borrowed a dog from my parents. I lost some weight. I gained some back. I went to the most boring “LARP” event I’ve ever been to. I played a few shows (we have a bassist again now!). I met some new friends. I cut off some old acquaintances for their drama. I learned to just ignore some people.

35 has been a lot about growth. I don’t know why – I just decided that some things aren’t acceptable. I never accepted people who cause drama, but I usually made them realize it through harsh consequences. I don’t think I do that anymore – I just generally pretend they don’t exist. I do not have time for people who spread rumors about me after having met me once and knowing almost nothing about me. I don’t have time for people who are constantly in a pissing contest to one-up me or anybody else over unimportant nonsense. I just don’t care enough to play those games. I don’t have time for it…and nobody should. I’m focused on the important things in life now – I’m rebuilding what was ripped from me by the one person I would still cause consequences for if they started bothering me again.

About that job? Oh yeah, don’t work for Amazon. They run a legal sweatshop. A friend worked directly for them and quit pretty soon after. I worked for a delivery company that worked for them and they ripped me off, lied to me, and micromanaged my time all under the watchful and controlling eye of Amazon. Don’t do it, the money is good (if they pay what they promise! or pay you at all for every day you work…) but it’s not worth it in the end. There are jobs that pay less where you will work less and deal with less ineptitude and dumb rules (and constantly changing rules – they would literally change the way you started the day every day like it was some sort of experiment, even though they’d been operating there for almost a year).

About that LARP event? Man, Darkon isn’t what it used to be – I already knew that, but it’s so much less interesting now it seems. It’s literally all about fighting and getting wasted on mediocre microbrew. Don’t do it.

About that album? Maybe I’ll blog about that next time.


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