As I begin typing this, it is 11:52PM EST. At 12:00AM – eight minutes from now – I will be thirty-five years-old.

Time has flown from twenty until now. When I was that young, I often wondered how I would be at this age, or if I’d even get to be this age. I’m glad I made it. And I’m mostly happy with how I am. I’ve been in a rut for a few reasons over the last few months, but I’m working my way out of it right now. Other than that, I’m glad I’m me and I’m glad I am how I am.

I gorged myself on sushi earlier – the last sushi of 34.

I look forward to entering a new age demographic tomorrow. I will no longer be forced to feel out of touch when I dislike tv shows or new bands, because, hey, they’re for 18-34 year-olds, right? They’re not for me. I’m not the target audience for this crap. I’m sure I never was – I’m not a vapid consumer of everything that popular media pops out, nor am I the anti-media, obnoxiously informing everybody that they DO NOT WATCH TV because THAT IS BENEATH THEM – but I certainly have never liked most popular shows, movies, or music. Now I will no longer feel weird…it’s just not for me, and I have an ID to prove it!


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