Election Mail!

     None of this appeals to me. Piles and piles of election mail – an accumulation, a mass, stockpile – none of it telling me about candidates that mean anything to me, cares about me, or has my interests and well-being (or yours) in mind.

     I feel as though I’d be more engrossed in this pile of junk if any number of this jumble of garbage were, at the very least, targeted. For all practical purposes, what is written throughout them has no bearing on me:

     I don’t own a home, so property taxes are almost categorically not a concern of mine.

     I live in a relatively populated, yet secure neighborhood. Since I have lived there, one vehicle was broken in to, and that’s about it. However, I have every would-be politician telling me how they’ll improve police surveillance of neighborhoods. Thanks, but no thanks! Personally, I’d rather have less of them driving through the neighborhood for no real purpose other than to scrutinize random people at all hours day and night. It ultimately makes me feel like I’m residing in a police state or something similar.

     I’m sure these things appeal to a lot of people, but they certainly appeal to me. Though, I wonder if it’s all an affectation? Do these people really mean these things – or at they just like every other politician, with a propensity towards saying exactly what is needed? Are these politicians simply telling the community at large the specific things they believe the citizens want to hear? Who knows? The truth is probably a mixed bag, like many things in life.

     And as for President? I’ve already my determination. This campaign has already been chugging along for what, six months? If folks haven’t made their choice yet, I don’t comprehend what’s holding them back, to be honest. And no, I won’t be swayed – and you can’t scare me in to voting for an alternative person in the general election if my person doesn’t get picked. I refuse be a cog in your system – I will sooner be a wooden shoe thrown in to the machinations of the process.

     All of these pieces of paper and mailings ultimately feel so futile. I guess, in the end, there are a few good notes: it keeps the recycling people, the postal people, and the printing people employed.


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